LASSITER - (1983) - TV

Directed by David Taylor
Produced by Albert S. Ruddy
Writing credits (WGA) : David Taylor

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Credited Cast:

Tom Selleck .... Lassiter
Jane Seymour .... Sara
Lauren Hutton .... Kari
Bob Hoskins .... Becker
Joe Regalbuto .... Breeze
Ed Lauter .... "Smoke"
Warren Clarke .... Max Ofer
Edward Peel .... Allyce
Paul Autrim .... Askeur
Christopher Malcolm .... Quaid
Barrie Houghton .... Eddie Lee
Morgan Sheppard .... Sweeny

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Plot Summary:

It's the spring of 1939. Hitler's Third Reich has begun to swallow up Europe.
Lassiter (Tom Selleck) is a sophisticated jewel thief who operates with the loyalty and friendship of the shady "Smoke" (Ed Lauter) and the love of Sara (Jane Seymour).

Becker (Bob Hoskins), from FBI, frames Lassiter for a robbery he didn't commit and offers him a choice: steal the diamonds from the German Embassy or go to prison for 20 years, maybe life.

Time and options have run out as Lassiter embarks on the most exciting and desperate adventure of his life.

Commentary by Heléne - Even if the film is not centered on the person played by Jane Seymour, one can only admire the charisma and the passion which is displayed during every appearance. Sara is actively involved in all the events even if one perceives its real implication only at the end of the film. One appreciates the happy ending even if despondent spirits could not find it completely moral.