Oh! Heavenly Dog - 1980 - TV

Directed by Joe Camp

Writing credits (WGA)
Rod Browning (written by)

Credited Cast:

Jane Seymour .... Jackie
Chevy Chase .... Browning
Omar Sharif .... Bart
Alan Sues .... Freddie
Robert Morley .... Bernie
Stuart Germain .... Higgins/Deaf Postie
John Stride .... Alistair Becket
Donnelly Rhodes .... Montanero
Barbara Leigh-Hunt .... Margaret
Margaret Courtenay .... Lady Chalmers
Richard Vernon .... Quimby Charles
Frank Williams .... Mr. Easton
Albin Pahernik .... Pelican Man
Susan Kellerman .... German Clerk
Lorenzo Music .... Carlton

Plot Outline:

Actor Chevy Chase plays a private eye who is murdered and is returned to life as a dog ( Benji) to solve his own murder. Along the way he and actress Jane Seymour team up to discover a more intricate plot where they expose a love scandal between a very important man and a young girl for which the relationship between them could have potentially damaged this very important man's image. Actor Omar Sharif gives us a wonderful performance as the villain in this movie.

A plot reversal of a 1951 Dick Powell comedy called 'You Never Can Tell,' having the Chevy Chase style comedy, with Jane Seymour's beautifully exquisite performance and Benji, who is as adorable as ever, makes for a wonderful movie suited for the whole family.

Summary submitted by Jason M.