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Thank you to everyone who has shown their support for my new book AMONG ANGELS! Angels are indeed among us. My appearance on Good Morning America clearly struck a chord as so many of you have reached out and see the angels in our own lives. Clearly, my message that open hearts can connect people and heal lives is echoed in my feeling that not only can our lives be changed unexpectedly by angels but that individually we can heal lives by being angels ourselves.  My heart is truly overflowing with gratitude and thanks.


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Dr. Quinn (the entire series) airs on the following networks:
GMCTV - weekdays at 4 & 5 pm ET
INSP - weekdays at 5 & 6 pm ET; Sundays at 1pm ET


Lake Effects

with Scottie Thompson, Madeline Zima, and Jeff Fahey
synopsis: Sara and Lily grew up at Smith Mountain Lake. Sara became estranged from the family and without explanation moved to Los Angeles to study law. Her sister Lily, an artist, teaches locally and lives with their parents, Ray and Vivian, until Dad dies in an accident. Sara returns to help settle his estate, and all our ladies cross paths with an eclectic group of local oddballs, as they search for a Loch Ness-style monster they believe lurks in the lake's depths. A few real Smith Mountain Lake characters make appearances. The next week at the lake is filled with adventure, tears, and laughter as Vivian and her two daughters finally understand, through the guidance of Dad's spirit, if they still belong on the lake, even though Ray is gone. All paths converge at the Smith Mountain Lake Wine Festival, on course for a heart-warming and hilarious collision.

The Assistants (independent film)
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Twitter feed: AssistantsMovie
Film Trailer
showing in various film festivals

Love, Wedding, Marriage
with James Brolin, Mandy Moore, and Kellan Lutz
synopsis: A happy newlywed marriage counselor's views on wedded bliss get thrown for a loop when she finds out her parents are getting divorced.

with Josh Lawson, Brit Morgan, Olivia Munn, and Clifton Collins (Jane plays a vampish real estate agent and donned a platinum blonde wig for the role)
synopsis: A group of slackers who are living for free in a rock star's mansion find their sweet lives threatened when the musician decides to sell his pad.

Wake - available on DVD
with Bijou Phillips, Ian Somerhalder, Danny Masterson, and Marguerite Moreau
synopsis: When things get tough for offbeat Carys Reitman, she does what any emotionally isolated, modern girl would do - she goes to strangers' funerals.


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The Velveteen Rabbit
On DVD: Tuesday, March 17th, 2009 Order Now!
Jane Seymour as the voice of Mom
Anchor Bay Entertainment

East of Eden
on DVD March 9, 2009
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Among Angels
Publisher: Guideposts Books
Release date: October 1, 2010
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Visit the books page to order an autographed copy!

Open Hearts: if your heart is open, it can never stay broken
Publisher: DK Publishing
VIEW Jane's Open Hearts commercial with Kay Jeweler's (2.4MB - Real Player)
Release date: December 22, 2008
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Making Yourself at Home: finding your style and putting it all together
Publisher: DK Publishing
release date: March 19, 2007
genre: home decorating
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Paint with Jane Art Kit
Release date: December 6, 2007
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Blind Dating
Limited theatrical release: May 11, 2007
Released on DVD February. 4, 2008 - Order here!

Wedding Crashers
view publicity photos and feature page
Available on DVD - Order here!

Touching Wild Horses
view publicity photos and feature page
Available on DVD! Order here!


Jane's blog at Blogger.


Hi everyone!! My daughter, Katie and her writing partner, Crystal Angel wrote and star in the comedy web-series, "Quitters" that is airing on! I am also starring in it, as Katie's quirky, funny mother. Please check it out and share the link with your friends! It was such a fun experience, and I hope you all enjoy it!

Lots of Love,
Jane Seymour

Comedy web-series

  • 1st episode: Cold Turkey
  • 2nd episode: The Smacker
  • 3rd episode: Tacky Dreams
Become a fan of Quitters at:

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October 2012
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Through her work with the American Red Cross, Jane has been delighted to promote a song that was written and recorded in just 24 hours to aid the victims of the Japanese earthquake and Tsunami tragedy. It is being performed extensively at benefits, on radio and TV, and Jane was happy to be interviewed by the UK's Daybreak TV in order top promote the song.

Life Goes On by Sounds United can be seen on YouTube.

Life Goes on by Sounds United can be downloaded from iTunes, (or your local version),, and the usual sites.

Thank You.

  • Jane Seymour Giclee Art Catalogue - Available for Order! If you would love to own a piece of Jane's art but are unable to purchase a print, why not own a catalogue featuring giclees of her art, both past and present. Over 80 full-color images have been compiled together for your viewing pleasure. Visit the main Artist page to place your order and for ordering details.
  • Keep Your Heart Open web site! Come visit, sign up to receive text messages or email newsletters from Jane, share your story, send an e-card, and much more!
  • Dr. Quinn series slimpack released October 20, 2009 and is available for order!
  • Dr. Quinn returns to TV in re-runs on the GMC and INSP.
  • Jane Seymour Original Notecards Are Here! - Available in three unique designs. Place your order today!


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